"I consider my most beneficial experiences, participating in the ALCAT program, is having lost weight, no longer experiencing that "bloated" feeling, and having the everyday knowledge of knowing what I need to be eating to continue to meet my weight goal, as well as maintain and feel good about myself. Now that I have been on the program, I "cringe" to think of the unhealthy, greasy, fat-filled fast food menu, I used to consume on a daily basis. I have gone from drinking 3-4 diet Cokes a day, to drinking 32oz. of water daily. I can feel the difference of my body being hydrated. I have definitely learned firsthand the saying, "you are what you eat" is right on! The first time I stepped on the scale and saw the numbers start to go down, was my greatest incentive. I have found that eating healthier, being wiser in my choices, has become easy and satisfying. I consider the program a "way of life", "a change of life", doing something good for my body and I hope you do the same."

Diane C.

Dear Dr. Sexton,

Two years ago, I came to you as a 282 lb. woman who was unable to move much at all. I had difficulty walking and exercise was simply not an option due to the pain.

Over the last two years, you have worked to develop a nutrition plan that has removed virtually all of the daily pain and allowed me to lose 76 lbs.

While the weight loss alone could attribute for the decrease in pain and the increase in mobility, I am positive that the nutrition program has been most beneficial. Earlier this year you recommended the ALCAT test for food intolerances, which I took. The results of that test showed areas of food that I need to avoid, when possible, to feel my best. Without the testing, I would still be guessing which foods were causing issues.

Among the problems were sharp pains in the ankles- primarily my left ankle. While I am on the plan you have set out for me, I am virtually pain free in that ankle yet if I partake of some of the foods that the ALCAT test showed as questionable the pain returns.

Other improvements due to this program have been an increase in mobility to the point where I am now able to workout at a gym. I can do the elliptical machine for 20 minutes-where, when I started with you, I could not even get on the machine. Once I did, I couldn't make it move.

When you first saw me, I was diabetic but not yet on medication- however I was on blood pressure meds. Today, my blood sugar is running near normal like a non- diabetic and I am off my blood pressure medication.

The times that I venture off the plan you have set for me, I end up not feeling real well. I get sluggish, sometimes depressed, start to hurt, and have more difficulty recovering from my workouts. It is amazing to me how much the food plays a role in how I feel.

I want to thank you for giving me my life back!

Marti B


"Ankle injury"

"I just want to say "Thank you". The Bowen Therapy really made a difference in healing my ankle. On April 11th, I injured my ankle while walking around downtown Geneva with the wrong shoes on. I had hoped my ankle would heal on its own, but after a month, I still was in a lot of pain and my ankle was visibly swollen.

I finally went to see a foot specialist. She took x-rays (nothing conclusive) and gave me a "boot" to wear to stabilize the ankle so it could heal. When I wore the boot, my ankle did not hurt, but as soon as I took it off, it hurt again. Also, the boot was causing problems with my back and hips since the shoes I wore on my right foot weren't the same height as the boot. I was still in pain by the middle of June, so the foot specialist was going to send me to have an MRI on my ankle to see why it was taking so long to heal. She also said I might need surgery to repair the damage I had done.

That's when I called you to see if just maybe Bowen Therapy could help heal my ankle. Of course, after the first session, I was in quite a bit of pain. But that diminished within a few days. After the 2nd session, I was feeling much better. I also stopped wearing the boot after the 1st Bowen Therapy session. I am feeling just fine and have been pain-free for about 1 month now. I'm back walking on the treadmill and doing everything I was doing before I injured my ankle.

Thank you! I still can't believe that just 2 Bowen Therapy sessions was all it took to stop the pain and begin the healing process."

Dawn H.

"Chronic low back pain"

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for making my life whole again. As we've so often discussed, Bowen Therapy was the final hope in alleviating my chronic low back pain.

Several years ago I injured my back in an exercise class and when I thought I was well I took a spill rollerblading. A chiropractor initially got me upright but low back pain just lingered and continued to get worse over the last seven years.

A couple of years ago I decided to really get serious and declared that this would be the year I would get the pain out of my lower back for good! I had an MRI which revealed just the normal bit of aging arthritis but nothing that explained this nagging lower back pain. Over the next couple of years I was on my mission to try to get my back fixed; chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, spine injections, core strength training exercises, ice packs, and last but not least, a vibrating pillow.

A couple of months ago I made a last ditch effort and checked the internet again for a local therapist (Bowen Therapist) found you, and the rest is history. I can't explain how or why this therapy works but it does. The therapy is so sublime, it's sometimes hard to believe it works; as though pain should be issued to relieve pain.

I'm at a 0-3 pain most of every day now. Bowen Therapy worked for me and I can't say enough good things about this therapy.

Diane O.

"Pregnancy..nausea, sciatic pain, back pain, keen pain.."

"I began treatment when I was about 5 months pregnant. During my treatment I had hardly any complaints, aches, or pains (hard to believe). I worked close to 60 hours a week until I gave birth to my son.

Bowen Therapy helped to reduce / eliminate nausea, sciatic pain, back pain, knee pain, headaches, swelling, fatigue, heartburn, shortness of breath, and overall well being. During my pregnancy I was never sick!

After giving birth, I resumed Bowen Therapy; it helped my body realign itself and heal more quickly. My son also received treatment after birth, only wakes once a night to eat. He is a sound sleeper and doesn't fuss much. I attribute my safe and quick labor and delivery to Lisa and Bowen Therapy; I will never go through a pregnancy without it! No mother or mother-to-be should be without Lisa or Bowen Therapy!!

Along with Lisa, the office staff is always smiling, happy to see you, energetic, and ready to help. They treat you as though you're the only patient they're attending to. The office is always quiet and relaxing; you leave feeling refreshed and more energetic. Lisa is very in tune to how you and your body are receiving treatment..she is AWESOME!

Sarah N.

"Shoulder pain since 1988"

"I had chronic shoulder pain since 1988; it stopped me from lifting, caused problems driving and I was unable to turn head to the right..I had already tried acupuncture, cortisone shots, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic and MRI found nothing."

"The experience at the office has been great, warm, friendly, caring and nurturing. My shoulder pain is gone 95%!"

Joyce's comment to new patients:
"What are you waiting for? Stop thinking about it and do it!"

Joyce B.

"Severe lower back pain"

"I woke up one morning and was in pain, and it grew worse day by day. I had to give up exercises in my workouts I had been doing for 20 years. I couldn't even think about playing golf. I could not stand for more than a couple of minutes without being in extreme discomfort.

"I would describe my experience with FVHR with one word, Perfect. The staff are pleasant, they listen and focus on my concerns; they know what they are doing. I was astonished at the results; after only 2 Bowen sessions I was 90% better! This far exceeded my expectations.

John B.


"Changing my diet as a result of the Alcat test results reduced my headaches from 3-4 per week down to maybe 1 per month! The reduction in headaches has been dramatic. My energy levels have been up; digestion has improved. Sleep patterns have greatly improved. I've recommended the test to everyone I know!"

Stephanie M.

"I had severe neck pain..migraines"

"Before I came to Fox Valley Health & Rehab it was terrible, I was in so much pain that everything was affected."

"My time at the office has been wonderful, everyone was very polite and answered all of my questions." "I no longer have neck pain, no longer have migraines. No longer have lower back pain. Everything was better than expected. I feel great!"

Angela W.


"Neck pain and migraines..6 years"

"I was in a car accident and a year later I fell down a flight of stairs. Almost every day I had discomfort or pain in my head and neck. I have seen 2 or 3 doctors and each one basically said nothing was wrong and it was all in my head.

When I came in my neck pain was borderline unbearable and my migraines were constantly making me sick. After just 2-3 months I finally have pain-free days. I am truly 100% satisfied with my progress through this treatment. Everyone has been great. They helped get to the problem and I rarely have pain or headaches anymore. Don't think - Do it! After years of trying to figure out why I had been in pain, this staff figured it out and I feel great.

Stephanie A.

"Upper arm and shoulder pain"

"I have had several injuries over the past 40 years and also tendonitis in the same arm off and on over the past 20 years.

This has been a very good experience for me - evaluating my problem areas, scheduling to fit my work hours. The staff is pleasant, caring and careful to explain all I need to know and do. I have had 90% improvement of shoulder with 3 treatments, 90% improvement of lower back and leg pain."

Cheryl H.

"Multi-level cervical disc herniations"

"It immobilized me, I was in pain most of the day and unable to perform easy tasks. I had already tried anti-inflammatory drugs, pain-killers and physical therapy.

Right from the start I felt comfortable, I felt I was in the hands of caring people. It gave me confidence and a positive attitude. The staff is very professional but extremely warm and caring. When I started treatment I was in so much pain during that I could hardly concentrate. After 3 sessions I had improved 60% and now have minimal to no pain at were great!

Mandy B.


"Bulging discs in neck and back"

"I had Low Back-neck-shoulder-knee pain, along with bulging disc and herniated discs in neck and back..too many things to list. I was in constant pain sitting or standing.

WOW, the staff is great and describes everything to you ahead of time..the BEST, I have no complaints, it is how anyone would want to be treated. Half way through the DRX and Bowen treatment the staff asked where my pain was - I had none - just listen to the staff, they know what they are doing here - everyday I'm getting my body back to the way it used to be.

I wish I would have started (treatment) after I got injured here first..I have tried it all..I wish I would have met these people 5 years ago..I owe this staff a lot.

Scott G.

"Back pain for 2 years"

"After a car accident, I suffered from severe pain in the lower back, several sport medicine doctors stated the pain will go away with time, though it never did and only increased.

Then I found Dr. Sexton and Fox Valley Health. My treatment here has been excellent! They are great people and super to work with! I currently have no pain and living a comfortable life."

Steve N.

"Herniated Discs with Pain radiating to leg"

"I am able to do many things that I have physically not been able to do for over a year. On a recent vacation I was actually able to water ski! This is something I would not have attempted a year ago due to my back pain. The DRX treatment worked for me and is totally cheaper than back surgery; it is totally pain free, in fact, it is very relaxing.

The staff is excellent friendly outgoing and helpful; people showed true concern for my problem and condition on a regular basis."

Tom R.

"Degenerating Disc/Low Back Pain"

"I came in barely able to bend over, brush my teeth, do laundry, even sitting down was a problem. I am only 24 years old.

Once I started all my treatments (Spinal Decompression/DRX & Bowen) within weeks I was feeling better. Amazing! The whole staff is great!!! Everyone listens to your needs and works around your schedules. I strongly recommend Fox Valley Health."

Melissa M.

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